"Takeoff 2019"

A GMV type film recorded with X-Plane 11.

Author: Frank Ng

This video is recorded with X-Plane 11 and along with several addons namely FlighterFactor320, JARDesign330 and Aerosoft's Dallas-Fort Worth Intl with AutoGate.

Check on Bilibili

While checking it on Bilibili, kindly suggest you to prefer the FixedVer due to the PreviousVer contains some editing mistakes.

Something about shooting

It took about 2 hours to set up a shooting plan before starting to record the materials. The whole video is planned to be in two parts which contain content of takeoff and landing respectively.

When all the plans are set, We firstly put our finger on the takeoff part as it is much easier for recording. It contains actions from before start to after takeoff, though it is pity that we did not managed to put the after-takeoff scenes into the video.

The landing part would be much complicated because we should fly it from the very beginning and then record the landing. What we need is a short flight and we finally decided to make it from KIAH to KDFW (from Houston to Dallas). Although we have exerted ourselves to follow the plan, there is still some scenes that cannot be recorded according to our plan because of the navigation points and routes.